Monday, November 10, 2008

Snow Swirled Horses

This will be my Christmas card this year and I have 30 made already (woohoo!). It started out as a swap but I decided it was so me that it should be my Christmas cards. The horse image has dimensionals behind it. I have a tip that you may find interesting (or not) but I like it. When I was using craft white ink one day I inked up my stamp and set it aside for a minute to do something else. When I picked it up and stamped with it I was shocked at how wonderful it stamped since it had sat a bit and the ink wasn't as wet. So, when I did these cards I was having trouble with the white snowflakes not showing up and being too Juicy. As I began to blow on them after inking it really helped to get a better stamped image (Yes, I blew on them all! Guess I was lucky not to pass out!) So that is my tip, blow on your craft ink (or set aside a minute or two) before stamping and see how your image turns out. In Joy!

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