Friday, November 7, 2008

Yard Sale

Yes, I did it. Finally afters years of accumulating too much stuff I finally had a yard sale. I used some foam core board which wasn't thick enough really for the sign posts (hence the post showing thru my sign) but I already had them on hand. I used my craft ink and my monogram stamps for "yard sale" and even for the arrow using part of the letter K. Using Inspired by Nature I stamped the grass along the bottom (you thought it was real didn't ya?) and my 7 year old daughter stamped on some butterflies with Flight of the Butterfly. We were quite proud of our "Pretty" yard sale signs and even had balloons flying from them. In Joy!

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today....and I have to say...IM GLAD I DID!
Wow!!! Your craft table looked AWESOME.....
I found your blog because I was looking at tiles/coasters on SCS because I was thinking about making them for christmas gifts this year...(great idea for those on tight budgets)
thank you for sharing